Westernport Yacht Club Venue Information


1 Foreshore Rd, Balnarring Beach VIC 3926


The club is on Balnarring Beach on the northern shore of the western entrance to Western Port Bay, Victoria. It is approximately 70 kilometres (one hour) from Melbourne. It is an ideal location for both on water and off water activities. There are multiple accommodation options from camping walking distance away to houses in Balnarring, Somers and Merricks, all within 5 minutes drive from the yacht club.


The natural geography of the land and shore provides a great site for boating activities. Balnarring Bight is a shallow bay, ringed with a series of reefs which are partly exposed at low tide. This ring of reefs protects the beach from extremes of south to south-easterly weather which can (and do) come in regularly from Bass Strait.


You can get an idea of the race track from the club’s webcam photos HERE. Check the club’s web site HERE.


Ken Hurling has provided the following comments, photos and information following a visit to the club in May 2021.


WYC is a very friendly club with a good rigging area not far to sail to the course. Accommodation will be Air B&B or camping next door to the club. Camp booking via the web address www.balnarring.net


The club is in a Victorian peninsular bush environment with summer sea breezes.  For the golfers there a number of up market courses. There are a host of quality restaurants to suit all tastes.


The Club and VLA Organising Committee are in full swing. This will be the must attend Masters event with the opportunity to attend a coaching camp followed by the National Championship Cube event.


Lots of open water with hard sand access from rigging area