Oceania & Australian Masters 2023

The 2023 Oceania & Australian Masters Championships will be held at the Bay Sailing Centre Soldiers Point on Port Stephens 10-13 March 2023.


Entries ($300) are open Here. Beach entries ($350) will be accepted after up to 1200 on Friday 10th March at the venue.


Entries received to 7 March are Here.


This event is a little later in the year than normal and was re-scheduled to avoid clashing with the ILCA World Masters Pattaya, Thailand 8-16 (ILCA 6) and 18-26 (ILCA 7) February 2023.


Port Stephens is our favourite venue for Masters events with great sailing winds and water and lots of accommodation in all price ranges.


The Notice of Race for this event is Here. Sailing Instructions are Here.


Charters will be available from NB Sailsports and Performance Sailcraft Australia.


Jeff Loosemore ILCA 6 GGM and Brett Beyer ILCA 7 GM Current World Masters Champions – Photos Jon West